To exist is to drink oneself without thirst.”
― Annie Ernaux, French writer, professor of literature, and Nobel laureate 2022.

Chronology of Life

حاصل عمرم سه سخن بیش نیست

خام بدم ، پخته شدم ، سوختم

 My life is summarized in three phases:

“I was raw, I cooked, and I burned!”

Rumi, the world-renowned 13th-century Persian poet 

Life in Iran, when “I was raw”

I was born in 1951 in Tehran, Iran and came to the US in 1975 to continue my education in Electrical Engineering. The highlights of this era for me was admission to the University of Tehran, becoming a member of UT Volleyball team to win two first place and one second place national college championships, attending Moscow Students Olympic and of course getting married with my lovely wife Farzaneh. In this era I also began studying Persian modern poetry and philosophy on my own as a hobby.   

Professional Growth in the US, when “I cooked”

I arrived in the US in 1975, I completed my PhD in 1979 during this period my son Nima (1976) and my daughter Nasim (1979) were born.  I began my life carrier in academia as a professor,  the highlight of this era was that I founded the first academic research program in wireless local networks (1985), commercially known as Wi-Fi.  I also founded the first journal in wireless networks (1994), the first textbook in wireless networks (1995), and organized flagship international conferences in wireless networks (1991-1992).  I continued sports with recreational volleyball followed by tennis and ballroom dancing.     

Family life, when “I burned”

In 2011 Farzaneh and I were satisfied from our careers and our focus shifted from career to family, my daughter married Shek and our three grandchildren Roya, Navid, and Nilou were born.  Professional highlight of this era was that I began to increase my cooperation with younger professors in research. This research was focused on cyberspace applications using RF Cloud, the signal propagated from billion of wireless devices, and intelligent spectrum management for efficient utilization of spectrum. The sport highlights of this area was winning several a mature and senior tango championships.  I also worked on translation of “Poppet Opera of Rumi”.